The West Norfolk Youth Advisory Board

The West Norfolk Youth Advisory Board brings together young people and professionals. The aim of the YAB is to identify issues that impact on young people and to play a strategic role in meeting these needs through the commissioning of services, lobbying on behalf of young people and influencing decision makers. More details about the YAB, including how to become a Young Commissioner, can be found here:  

Introducing the Meadow of Hope Project 

We asked the Young Commissioners from the West Norfolk Youth Advisory Board to tell us more about the Meadow of Hope project. 

Why did you decide to commission a project about the environment and recycling?  

“The West Norfolk YAB believe strongly about the environment. We want to make a change, so even if one person becomes more aware about recycling, it’s something we’re proud to have achieved” 

“To make awareness of the problem that is going on in the world around us because more people need to be conscious of what’s happening and what we can do to stop it” 

Why did you decide to work with an arts organisation? 

“We believe that working with an arts organisation can bring more creativity into our project, but also more awareness – if people know about the organisation, they may take more time to view our project and really become aware about the environment/recycling. Also, it may be a fun and creative way to challenge something rather negative” 

What message do you want to give to the community about the project? 

“With our project, we want to tell the community that recycling is practically our future. If we’re careless and continue to litter, it will show in a few years’ time and impact the world around us – whether it may be animal extinction, pollution, global warming, etc” 

What impact do you think the project will have and what difference will it make? 

“Considering the large impact YAB has already made about other topics, I think this one may also be a big hit. Lots of people accept that littering is just something that people do, but we’re hoping to change this and make others aware about the consequences it has on our world” 

“I think that it will have a positive influence on people to help the environment” 

Why should young people get involved? 

“We advise young people to get involved because they will be the people who look after the planet in the future, so if they’re aware now, hopefully they’ll take recycling into consideration and realise how littering isn’t acceptable” 

“Young people should get involved because it will help this generation and future generations to come, so they can live in a healthy environment and not have to have this problem that we are facing” 

Why are you part of the YAB? 

“I am a part of YAB because I am passionate about making a difference. I like how my opinions are heard and considered, when sometimes it’s hard because of your rather young age. I am inspired by the people who are a part of YAB, and I hope to become one of those people that inspire and encourage others” 

“I am part of YAB because I think it is important that young people’s voices should get heard” 

What else do you want to say about the environment and/or the project? 

“I’d like to say that I believe this campaign will be a great success, and I think art is a great way to represent a larger problem” 

“That it is very important that the environment get the help it needs if not it will only get worse”