24 High Street, Wisbech

Mural At 24 High Street, Wisbech

Blackfield Creatives, working in partnership with Fenland District Council (FDC), has delivered a creative project that has transformed the temporary hoardings that protect the derelict site at 24 High Street in Wisbech. This site is part of the FDC Wisbech High Street project, a major development programme in the town which will re-energise and re-purpose several buildings in the area. 


This new project saw our team, working with our Street Champions, transform the hoardings into a contemporary work of art. This will remain in situ whilst the Council continues to redevelop the building, which forms part of the gateway to the town centre and marketplace. The surroundings and history of the town were taken into consideration as we created artwork which reflects, and respects, this conservation area.  

As we ran the project at 24 High Street we had a Student from Peterborough College join us to gain some media and journalism work experience. The following is an article she wrote about her time with us.

The Impact Of Art 

I had the honour of working for Blackfield Creatives, a non profit  organisation which dedicates their time to creating exceptional art for the community. Not only is it for the community, it is made by the community – volunteer Wisbech Street Champions also got involved in creating the mural located in Wisbech town centre. 

The amazing minds behind the organisation are Jenny Ward and Tim Mann. Both are very invested in bringing art to the community, reaching out to other charities and even helping local schools to create artwork for all to enjoy. These projects are not only supporting those involved but bringing a new aspect to life in the town of Wisbech. Their most recent project is the mural which has been ongoing for weeks, involving more and more members of our local community each day. 

The Meaning Behind The Art 

This beautiful artwork is a celebration of nature. Using bold and effective colours this mural has become a wonderful conversation piece for those who pass it. The lead artist on this project was Tim Mann. He is the Creative Director at Blackfields. Tim agreed to answer a few of my questions with regards to his passion for art.  I wanted to delve into what “art” means to Tim. His response was very meaningful.  

“ Being an artist is a part of who I am, you cannot separate that.  

My role as an artist is to make people think.”   

The question was personal to Tim but he answered it in a way everyone thinks; Art becomes a part of who you are and it shapes your way of thinking, whether you’re an artist or one who simply enjoys art. After discovering Tim’s love for visual art and all things creative I wanted to know the meaning behind his idea for the Mural.

“ Supporting the vulnerable people in the world is really important, having a voice.” 

Letting those become heard and express themselves through art, this mural gives people an opportunity to immerse themselves in their creative side and create artwork they want to see and feel,  and to take pride in. 

“What we do as Blackfields is to bring art to the community. We introduce it in a way that’s more accessible, so it becomes more available for anyone to engage with art.”  The concept of bringing art to the community and going above and beyond to include those who are vulnerable is empowering. The message is that you don’t have to be an expert to create art, all you need is creativity and paint.  

How Blackfields make an impact 

The team at Blackfield Creatives do incredible work. They create projects aimed at all of our community, funded and supported by those within our Fenland District. Jenny Ward, the Operations Director for the non-profit organisation, has reached Blackfield Creatives out to the public, in many engaging ways. Running social media pages to boost their influence is one aspect of Jenny’s work. Many people love to see their projects and reaching out to engage those who want to see the art is the key objective. Jenny does just that!  

While working for Blackfields I wanted to increase their younger viewer statistic. I wanted to use my social media platforms, as well as my knowledge of the creative media industry, to help increase their audience . Using catchy captions and clever tools I was able to increase their social influence. Over the course of three days I reached 77% more accounts. That is equivalent to 300 people visiting their account. I was really proud that I made an impact on their social media sites and that I was able to show people the hard work and dedication Blackfield Creatives put into all their work. 

I loved my experience! Thank you to everyone who supported me and trusted me on this project  


This project is funded by the FDC Changing Views Fund  and supported by Brewers Decorating Centres and our Wisbech Street Champions.