Our Story

Blackfield Creatives CIC was formed by Tim Mann, a professional visual artist and Jenny Ward, who has a public sector and project management background. Having worked together on several large-scale art projects, which involved direct engagement with local communities, they identified a need for an organisation which could encourage and enable individuals to engage with, and enjoy, the Arts.

The aim of the team is clear – to deliver professional cultural experiences to those who will gain the most from them. Organisations often talk about working with ‘hard to reach’ audiences, but we want to understand who those audiences are and why they have chosen not to engage with the Arts. By doing this, we can identify what and where the cultural voids are and deliver programmes locally which will enable new audiences to enjoy exposure to high quality, professional Arts activities.

Our main objectives are to:

Establish virtual or physical multi-disciplinary cultural hubs which will deliver professional quality engagement with, to and for the communitythrough exhibitions, performances, workshops and collections. These activities will be specifically designed to challenge, stimulate and encourage personal growth. The intent is to engage with all sections of the community, with a focus on those who would perhaps not usually embrace the Arts, whether because of a lack of understanding or opportunity.

 Work with local authorities, community groups, schools and other private, public and third sector organisations to develop local cultural policies and programmes and deliver activities which will meet the needs of the local population. The Blackfield Creatives team will be the conduit, working in partnership with organisations, providers and artists to deliver successful projects which will enhance the lived experiences of the community.

Work with artists from all disciplines to help them to develop their professional portfolios and improve their access to other artists, audiences and local communities.  Many artists face challenges when trying to access suitable opportunities and the administrative aspects of their work can be quite onerous. We can offer appropriate support, such as opportunities to engage, and work, with other experienced artists, as well as more practical administrative support, such as help identifying grants and applying for funding. Our intention is that, by supporting individuals throughout their career, we will enable them to become economically active and financially sustainable as working artists.