Crowded Room



The ‘Crowded Room’ project is a truly collaborative process which uses contemporary art practices to celebrate the importance of the individual and their place within the community. We use different aspects of the human form to record an individual’s presence within a large-scale portrait. The resulting work of art demonstrates that whilst each participant is different, in terms of appearance or character, as humans we are all fundamentally the same.

As well as creating the large portrait which would encompass the whole school community, including students, staff, parents and governors, we will also deliver a series of workshops which will allow students to use different creative techniques to record their presence in alternative ways. That could involve using hands to create a smaller image or celebrating other languages by making a record of everyone who has taken part. Students could study braille to create a picture which uses the initials of each participant or create a collage that incorporates their first names using different materials or images.

During the sessions, we will encourage discussions amongst the students, to get them thinking about why some humans are treated differently and how their own personal behaviour could have an impact, either positive or negative, upon other people. At a time when so much attention is on current events across the world that are deemed to be divisive, we need to focus young minds on what is truly important.

 There will be opportunities for students to develop their film-making and photography skills as part of the project too. We will work with the students to create a short video of the whole process, using different techniques such as time-lapse photography.


The final artwork, photographs and film will then be exhibited in the school. There may be opportunities for the school to raise funds from this project, through the sale of prints of the final portrait and complementary artworks.

 The duration and delivery times for this programme are flexible and we would discuss this with the school to determine how it could be delivered to provide the best possible experience for everyone involved.

Key Stage it is applicable for

This activity is relevant for all Key Stages. The programme content will be adjusted to suit the age group, following discussions with school staff, and all safeguarding measures will be adhered to.


Visual arts

Film making


How the offer links to the curriculum

This activity links to the following curriculum subjects:


  • Art and Design
  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)
  • English
  • History
  • Design and technology
  • Mathematics
  • Computing
  • Geography
  • Languages
  • Religious Education
  • Citizenship



Learning outcomes

This activity will deliver the following learning outcomes, which are linked to the National Curriculum:


  • Students will be able to produce unique works of art, which will enable them to explore their ideas and record their experiences, during the development, design and production phases.


  • Students will develop their research, creative and analytical skills


  • Students will learn about different techniques and use this knowledge to create their own artworks, which will all be uniquely personal to the individual



Blackfield Creatives will discuss the cost of delivering this project with each school


Required resources

  • Classroom/artroom setting with student access to IT